' The Mollydooker Shake - its the best way to prepare your Mollydooker Wines

Why do you do the Mollydooker Shake on your wines?
It's the best way to prepare our wines for drinking. Most wines contain sulfites in order to protect them. Sulfites can cause an allergic asthma type reaction and we realize a lot of people are sensitive to them. So wherever we can we use nitrogen to protect the wine so that we can reduce the amount of sulfites. However when you use nitrogen in winemaking it compresses the flavor - if you think of flavor as a big round ball the nitrogen flattens the back end of the round ball. As soon as you do the Mollydooker Shake it releases the nitrogen and the flavor pops back out to it's full size again.

Should we do the Mollydooker Shake on all your wines?
No. Don’t do it on The Violinist (white wine), or on our Sparkling Reds.

How can I be sure I am doing the Mollydooker Shake correctly?
Watch how Sarah & Sparky do it on their fun Video

Take the Mollydooker Taste Test

From a new bottle of Mollydooker, pour some wine out into a glass and set it aside. Do the Mollydooker Shake on the rest of the wine in the bottle, and pour some into another glass. Then taste them side by side. The difference will amaze you!

How old must the reds be before you don’t need to do the Mollydooker Shake with them?
Two years old. They should have softened and integrated naturally by September, two years after the vintage date on the bottle. For instance vintage 2011 wines won’t need to be shaken after September 2013.

Can I decant my Mollydookers or use an aerator instead of doing the Mollydooker Shake?

No, because it does not produce the same effect. Decanting, or dispensing with an aerator, oxygenates the wine. If there is nitrogen in the wine, it acts antagonistically to oxygen, so by not doing the Shake, not only are you not releasing the nitrogen, you are also reducing the effectiveness of the decanting/aerating. We have done blind tastings of the Shake v the Decant and the Shake is always the winner. If you want to do both, do the Shake first which will release the nitrogen and then decant.